The cover of our first magazine

I’ve been working on a long-term photo project for the past two years, and probably for another three or four. During this time, I’ve been struggling with how to show the work, engage my audience, and ultimately build excitement for the book this project will culminate in.

In the first year I hung twelve photos and partnered with a journalist to assist with the captions. In our second year we produced a video on Women Shipwrights (YouTube). This year we’re going to produce another magazine in time for the 2021 Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. …

It’s perfect, and that’s why I sold it

Leica Q2 — Jeremy Johnson

The Leica Q2 is perfect. Well, maybe not “perfect”, but so freaking close that I feel like some of the improvements they made on the original Q are actually a step backwards, the 47MP sensor specifically . My heart aches for the hard drive every time I presser the shutter, let alone allow the camera to fire off a dozen frames in a second with high-speed shutter mode.

My own evolution in the Leica realm follows that of the M cameras in general. I started with a “double-stroke” M3 a decade ago…

10 Travel Photos to Lead the Way

Mexico, 2005 — Chitzen Itza.

2005 — I was a total photographer neophyte nerd, hardly a clue about anything. Picture me complete with a photo vest and hauling every scrap of photo gear I owned on a vacation to Mexico. Digital camera, film camera, tripod, strobe, long lens, wide lens, primes, laptop, pregnant wife, etc. Thinking back to those days and I can’t help but bring a palm to my face and sigh with embarrassment. This photo is more accident than any intentional skill laid to bare. …

Landscape with setting sun
Landscape with setting sun
Photo by Jeremy Johnson

How the absence of color changes a photo

I have been thinking quite a bit lately on why Black and White photos seem to hold a special appeal for many of us. During my research, I found dozens of essays on the “how” and some about the “why” of B&W. While they all seemed to contain some nugget of truth, the essay inevitably trails off into purely subjective properties of B&W that hold appeal for the author. There are also the multiple essays which address the nostalgia factor, both for and against the medium.

Nothing in my research resolved my…

High above Courmayeur, Italy — Photo Jeremy Johnson

“If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you’ll never be great at anything.” — Tom Rath

I’m not immune to the so called “fear of missing out.” 10 years of my life have been driven by it — so many opportunities, so many amazing things to see and do before time runs out. Gotta’ get it all in because you don’t know when that same opportunity will present itself again. I would tell myself this was part of the plan all along: do all the things.

My life was driven more by filling a calendar with…

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